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Encore Investment Advisors is driven to provide institutional quality solutions for individuals and families. We realize each client has their own goals, objectives, and constraints; therefore, each portfolio should be customized to match those attributes. Portfolio management decisions should be made with a client’s time horizon in focus – typically decades in the future and should maximize net (of fees and taxes) returns. Markets do not move in straight lines, with many ups and downs along the way, so we try to balance a disciplined approach with the flexibility to make changes when needed or when opportunities arise. Our in-depth investment management framework begins with 4 main categories of analysis: Philosophy, Process, People, and Performance. We urge you to review your private wealth manager using this framework as well!


There are many portfolio management schools of thought, the one that resonates most with us is Modern Portfolio Theory, where portfolios are constructed with the goal of maximizing returns for a given level of risk. We accomplish this goal through diversification, both across and within asset classes, in-depth security and fund analysis, as well as periodic rebalancing of client portfolios.


Our process can be segmented into asset allocation decisions and security selection decisions. Our portfolios have a long-term strategic asset allocation which is determined in consultation with the client. We have flexibility to stray from those strategic asset allocation targets if our research shows us that, in the shorter term (1-3 years) an asset class is overvalued or undervalued. Our security selection process examines individual securities, mutual funds, ETFs, and alternative vehicles on a stand-alone basis, as well as how that asset fits in a portfolio context. We believe that more informationally efficient asset classes, such as US Large Cap Equity, are better suited for a liquid indexed approach, while less informationally efficient asset classes, such as Emerging Market Equity, are better suited for active strategies.


When researching an individual company or an investment fund, we examine the management team makeup and track record. An experienced management team with a strong track record of achievement can lead to better investment results. Often, a weak management team can lead to lackluster results in times of market volatility or during risk-off events.


We believe that performance should be measured in two distinct ways. The first is the net of fee (and tax) performance of an asset or portfolio relative to a benchmark which simulates the overall risk of the asset held. The second, and more important, is whether the client is on track to meet their financial goals and objectives.