About Us

Our Story

Robert Shuman, CFA
Robert founded Encore Investment Advisors to provide independent, conflict free, and thorough advice to high-net worth individuals and families. Over the past decade, Robert has managed portfolios for high net-worth and ultra high net-worth families across the globe. Encore Investment Advisors strives to combine the financial planning and investment management capabilities of large wealth managers, with the high-touch client service and independent fiduciary advice most commonly offered at smaller advisors. Our one driving goal is to help our clients achieve their financial goals. To do this, we pull on many different levers including a solid financial plan, dynamic asset allocation, strategic asset location, manager and security selection, the inclusion of top performing alternatives, and various lending solutions. We have formed strategic partnerships with leading FinTech companies and global asset managers to provide our clients with bespoke portfolio solutions and a high-quality client experience.

Why Us?

  • Clients First

    Our only focus is advising individual investors and their families to optimize their financial situations. We give our clients a simple and understandable roadmap to protect, grow, and eventually transfer their wealth.
  • Independent & Fee-Only Advisor

    Our firm provides independent and transparent advice to our clients. Our percentage of assets, fee-only revenue model aligns the interests of our clients and the firm.
  • Personalized Portfolio Management

    Our portfolios are tailored to each client's individual needs. Our open architecture ensures portfolios are optimized with best-in-class solutions across asset classes.
  • Forward Thinking Solutions

    We leverage technology to provide the best possible client experience while constantly improving our investment management and client service capabilities.

Our Clients

We serve a diverse group of client and what they share in common is an insistence on trustworthy and expert advice.
  • High-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families, including those who are still building wealth and those who are retired.
  • Business owners, who seek both guidance through a liquidity event and a partner in managing their wealth.
  • Public company executives, with concentrated stock positions who seek advice on managing the risk of the concentrated position or who need to generate liquidity and diversify.